Your Home and Land

It is the intent of the Board of Directors, based on the conditions set forth in the Scenic Ridge Homeowners' Association By-Laws and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements to maintain a consistent architectural look to our community while affording unit owners the opportunity to personalize their property.

No exterior changes are permitted to your unit without the prior express permission of the Board. Common changes previously allowed have been aesthetic or safety oriented alterations to decks (primarily limited to railings and fence installations), shed installations, and patio extensions. Repairs to existing decks and patios that restore them to their original state do not require approval; improvements, significant changes, and expansion do require approval. For changes that do not require Board approval, it is recommended that you notify the Board of any changes in writing in any case.

No signs may be posted on your property, with the exception of a “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign no larger than 12” X 24” without the express permission of the Board.

Landscaping changes, such as the addition of shrubs and ornamental trees, are allowed and encouraged. If, however, the changes will substantially affect the appearance of the lot (e.g. the removal of existing shrubs or trees) or negatively impact a neighbor’s views, safety, or access, you will need to obtain the prior express permission of the Board. The Board determines this judgment. If there is any doubt, please contact the Board. The Board reserves the right to remove changes and charge the Lot owners for the expense in the event the Board determines this change has substantially affected the appearance of the lot or negatively impacted a neighbor’s safety, views, or access. For these changes, it is also recommended that you notify the Board of any changes or repairs in writing.

Landscaping Maintenance

Only private Lots and Common Areas are mowed, given that there is reasonable access to the property. Any other landscaping maintenance (e.g. shrub pruning, tree topping, maintenance of inaccessible areas) on private Lots is the responsibility of the individual lot owners. The landscaper will prune and maintain shrubbery only in the Common Areas. The Lot owner must maintain areas that are not easily accessible.

All residents must ensure that the landscaping service provider has clear access to all Lot areas that require mowing. Fences, structures, lawn furniture, or other objects or obstructions that limit the free access of the lawn mowing equipment will result in lawn areas not receiving service and must be moved, or removed, by the unit owner.

Leaves will be blown and removed during the fall by a service provider retained by the Board.

The Board reserves the right to remove any obstructions and charge individual Lot owners for the associated fees, including legal and construction fees.

Leaves will be blown and removed during the fall season by a service provider retained by the Board.

Architecture and Landscaping Change Requests

In the event you would like to request a change to your architecture or landscaping on your lot, please follow these procedures:

  1. Write to: Scenic Ridge Homeowners' Association Board of Directors, One Amber Drive, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520, or email requesting and describing the proposed change in detail (include any documented plans, material specifics, and layout diagrams).
  2. Await written approval or email response from the Board within sixty days from the receipt of your request. If your request is rejected, you may resubmit your request with additional changes that address the Board’s concerns. All approved request work must start within 60 days of approval or the approval will be canceled and the request must be submitted again to the Board. All work must be completed within a three month period from the start of work.
  3. When you have received written approval for your change, perform the following:

For structural changes:

For landscaping and aesthetic changes: