Unless otherwise noted, for any infraction of the guidelines listed below, you will first receive a warning letter. Second, you will receive another, more serious letter. Third, you will be fined until the matter is resolved. Finally, we will either repair the item directly and charge you for all associated costs OR take legal action against you to remedy the violation. Costs to be billed directly to you as part of your annual assessment can include, but are not limited to service fees, materials, fines, legal fees, administrative efforts and other associated remediation costs. If you do not comply with the guidelines by the date specified in the warning letter(s) (if applicable), as noted above, the Board reserves the right to remedy the issue on its own (including entering your property as per the Declaration and By-Laws) and charge the homeowner directly as part of their annual assessment for all associated costs. In all cases, fines will increase and be added to the existing fines at the Board’s discretion as time elapses if unresolved by the homeowner/resident.

Please note fine amounts may vary depending on the severity of the infraction. These are MINIMUM fines.

The original memo can be downloaded.

Infraction Description Initial Fine Amount (per occurrence)
1. Parking in designated “No Parking” areas including Fire Lanes and/or in the roadway. Your car and/or your guests’ car(s) are also subject to be towed at the Board’s discretion.
$50 First Offense
$75 Second Offense
$150 Third Offense
2. Speeding on the Bird Lanes.
$100 First Offense
$150 Second Offense
$300 Third Offense
3. Excessive external lighting, tree lights, spotlights, and holiday lights must be taken down completely three weeks after they were first mounted. Excessive path lighting is not allowed. The wall sconces in front of the doors may not have more than 100 watt bulbs. $50
4. Each unit may mount one flag and one flagpole on their unit. The flag may be no larger than 3’ X 5’. The flag may not be a commercial advertisement. $25
5. No large lawn statues or other large lawn dressings may be placed in the front yards. $50
6. Unused bulk sports equipment must be moved out of sight (e.g. into a garage) when not in use. $25
7. No signs or sign devices (e.g., flags, posters, banners) may be posted or displayed in Scenic Ridge except a single basic "For Sale" or "For Rent" sign that is no bigger than 12" x 24".
$25 Per Day upon notification of violation. Non-compliant signs may be removed immediately at any time by the Board or one of its agents.
8. Bulk lawn furniture, large toys, tents and children’s vehicles must be stored on your patio or out of sight when not in use. $25
9. Fencing and protective coverings must not be obtrusive or visible. Permitted coverings include dark netting. $50
10. Unsightly or unsanitary items must be removed on a timely basis in both the front and back of your home. Timeliness is determined at the Board’s discretion. $50
11. Bird feeders must be mounted at least 50 feet from any residential structure. If a bird feeder already exists within the recommended 50 foot exclusion zone, the homeowner(s) will have to remove it at the Board's request. $100
12. Food may not be left outside homes (e.g. food to feed animals, food that could be eaten by or attract animals). $100
13. Garbage may not be left outside overnight. Garbage must also be properly disposed of in dumpsters. Air conditioners must also be properly disposed of by obtaining a sticker from Croton DPW.
14. Outdoor speakers must not face directly at a neighbor. They may be mounted inwards. Outdoor speakers may also not be played after 10PM and must be played at a reasonable volume. $25
15. Unleashed dogs. $100
16. Non-removal of pet droppings.
$100 First Offense
$250 Second Offense
$500 Third Offense
17. Dangerous play that includes, but is not limited to the use of projectiles (BB guns, paintball guns, bows and arrows). $100
18. Dish Antennae must be placed at the rear of your home if the rear faces south. It must be placed on the roof so it is not viewable from the front street, or on your deck. For homes where the front faces south, Dish Antennae must be mounted right behind the peak of the roof based on the rear roof section. Dish Antennae may not be mounted on any wall, window, or in the front or rear yard. $100
19. Architectural changes that are unauthorized/unapproved by the Board. New windows, doors, and gutters must match the existing windows, doors, and gutters in color, shape, panels, and bordering. $100
20. Failure to notify or submit requests to the Board for significant issues (e.g. installation of satellite, change to exterior of home, change to landscaping, fencing, lawn statues, installation of shed, deck expansion, replacement of garage door, etc.). $100
21. Failure to pay assessments 30 days from the due dates of April 1, July 1, October 1, and January 1, and Special Assessment due dates.

After 180 days, the Board will turn the overdue debt to an attorney for collection, and a lien will be placed on your property. In addition, you will be responsible to pay the attorney fees.

$20 if payment received after 30 days from the due date.

Additional fines will vary at the Board’s discretion depending on the severity of the failure to pay (including, but not limited to time overdue and amount overdue).